Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please… Letz get nutz for…… Kevin!!!!

Kevin… everyone…,  everyone…Kevin.

Now the intro is over, let me tell you about THIS guy… Rhythm is his LIFE!    He’s been banging on stuff since he was born.  All that noise developed into something good when he finally got drums and started performing. Yup, he’s our gravy version of Justin Beiber. (you’ll understand when you see him dance). His love for music and entertaining has placed him right in his element as a DJ / Emcee / Superhero with Laughing Gravy Entertainment. Like all our DJs, this performance background gives him a unique edge when it comes to working a crowd. His rhythm background also gives him a distinct advantage when mixing music. He’s got Madd DJ Mixing SKILLZA….can I get an amen! When we discovered him and gave him the opportunity to put all his talents and hobbies to work in a single setting, he exclaimed, “You mean you can get paid to do this?!”

Do not let his subdued demeanor fool you. When it is showtime, look out for Ol’ Crazy Legs… It is something to behold when Kevin puts all that talent and energy into an event. Whether it’s a wedding in June, a birthday in February or a party in December, he does what is necessary to make it a success. “I want it to be stress free for the planners and an absolute blast for everyone there!” he says. Confident, competent and creative, he’ll emcee, mix music, get people involved and dance right along with you.



studio photos from Somer Photography