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Why Your Corporate Party Needs a DJ

  Whether you’ll be playing host to 15 or 1500 guests at your corporate party, hiring a DJ for the event will keep everyone happy and entertained. If you’re going to throw a party, you might as well make it a good one! Here’s how a DJ can help your...
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Making a Success of Your Wedding Dances

Dancing is a part of just about every wedding, and the special dances featuring members of the wedding party are a crowd favorite. Couples are continually finding new, creative ways to orchestrate their wedding dances to entertain their guests, and the standby traditional versions still make the grade as classic...
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Choosing Your Wedding Song

Your first dance as a couple is a big moment on your wedding day, and you’ve probably been trying to decide how to make sure it goes exactly right. Choosing a song should be a team effort between you and your partner, ask so try to stick with a genre...
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A wedding video from Nathan Pickett

This video is amazing!  Thanks Nathan for sending it to us!  You can also see this video playing at the Canterbury Place or you can read about the wedding on the blog entry below!  This was such a great night and this captures it perfectly! Watch this video on Vimo. ...
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