Choosing Your Wedding Song

Your first dance as a couple is a big moment on your wedding day, and you’ve probably been trying to decide how to make sure it goes exactly right. Choosing a song should be a team effort between you and your partner, ask so try to stick with a genre that you both enjoy. Here are some other tips to consider when deciding on a wedding song:

Spark a Memory

You might already have a song that you consider “your song, ” that would make an easy choice for your wedding song. If you haven’t settled on a song as a couple, you could still find a memorable song from a special moment or occasion in your past. A song from your first date, from your proposal, or any song that reminds you of each other would be perfect. Talk about it and see if you have something in common in mind.

Show off Your Moves

A fun wedding tradition that has been taken up a notch or two recently is for the bride and groom to have a dance choreographed for them that their guests can watch. People have begun getting really creative with this, including hip-hop steps, costume changes, medleys of songs, and some very impressive dance moves. Even if you’re not looking to make the cast of So You Think You Can Dance with your wedding dance, you can still keep the crowd interested and make yourselves look good by choosing a song that has a good rhythm. Songs that are hard to keep time with will have you stepping on each other’s feet, especially when you know everyone is watching, so pick something with a nice beat and show the people what you’ve got.

Pick a Crowd Pleaser

If you don’t have your heart completely set on some romantic ballad, you can turn to a more upbeat, fast paced anthem that will get the crowd going, and allow you and your partner to have some extra fun out on the dance floor. Once everyone is itching to get moving, you can invite your guests to join you on the dance floor as you segue into the next song. You wedding DJ will have some great suggestions for this type of wedding song if you’re leaning towards this option.

Poetry in Motion

At the end of the day, the only requirement that your wedding song really needs to meet is that it’s something both you and your partner connect with, and that brings you enjoyment and love on your special day. You don’t have to get fancy or creative if that’s not your style. Just find something that speaks to you, and go with that.

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