Since it is the biggest day of your entire life, we approach the preparations very seriously.

Because it is YOUR wedding day, case we invite you to tell us how you have dreamed it should be in a wedding consultation with your actual DJ.

We cover all the traditional and any non-traditional events, plus things that you may not have thought of or ideas that have worked well in the past.

Is it an outrageous party to rival the changing of a century? Is it an elegant stately affair attended by Kennedys and Rockefellers? Is it something else?

Tell us…WE WANT TO KNOW, because we want to help make it ……..perfect!

We prefer to meet with you face to face in the planning process rather than having you fill out an impersonal on-line planning form. All of your choices are recorded on your individual wedding plan.

This consultation allows us to meet you, and discuss itineraries, logistics, options, music, protocol, etc. We will use our expertise to help plan, answer questions and chat about any of your concerns.