“the best energy!”

DJ Greg


Fun, bright, and talented, Greg is the kind of personality you want as the driving catalyst behind your party! His passion for people is matched only by his professional skill set as both a communicator and leader. As a full-time kinesiology student at the U, Division I athlete, National Guardsman, and small business owner, his diverse range of experience lends himself to being the perfect person to trust with emceeing your event!

With time spent growing up learning instruments as rangy as the guitar to the trumpet, Greg knows a thing or two about what it means to be an artist. Whether that means heartfelt romantic ballads, spunky Latin melodies, or chest-thumping hip-hop rhythms, energy is his watchword when he locks in at the booth. Dance parties just aren’t quite as animated when Greg’s not the one DJing!

In addition to his time on the tracks, an extensive amount of public speaking experience means he’s not bashful about cracking jokes, making friends, and making sure you and yours are tuned into what’s happening next at your event! When you also include his experience being a part of high-performing teams in both the public and private sector, you have the perfect answer for who should be coordinating between your vendors to keep the event silky smooth. 

Party on, and book your one-of-a-kind DJ today!