“the bomb dot com!”

DJ Karlie

Everytime she steps up in the building everybody’s hands GO UP..and they stay there!

…We’re pretty sure DJ Khaled even wrote a song about her once…

Okay but really, DJ Karlie knows exactly how to get the people dancing all night long. Her strong passion for music and her upbeat personality have sculpted her into a dynamic member of the Laughing Gravy team.

Karlie has understood the importance of good music from a very young age, exploring five different instruments, all varieties of dance, including hip hop and breakdancing, as well as voice lessons. She has been surrounded by party people her whole life and fell completely in love with DJing at her sweet sixteen when a Laughing Gravy DJ blew her party out of the water. Over the years since then, she has excelled in her ability to read a crowd and play just what the people want to hear.

Karlie has DJed corporate events for companies such as Melaleuca and Camp Kostopulos, birthday parties for those ages nineteen to ninety-five, and, of course, many weddings. A natural-born leader, she is not afraid to take control of the crowd, and quickly puts everyone at ease.

Although the blonde hair may be deceiving, Karlie is known for her intelligence and quick sense of humor which makes for an entertaining interaction between her guests and herself. Also hidden behind the long blonde locks is our bilingual DJ, as Karlie is fluent in Spanish and loves Latin hits.

DJ Karlie prides herself in keeping up with modern music, but don’t underestimate her ability to turn back the clock and hit the crowd with some oldies. Without relying on a routine playlist, Karlie always wows the guests with a unique and tailored stream of music that no one can resist shaking some booty to.