The biggest day of your life

Since it is the biggest day of your life, we approach the preparations very seriously.

Prior to booking, you are invited to schedule an in-person, video, or phone consultation with your DJ to make sure he or she are the perfect fit for your style. This is a chance to talk, ask questions, and get a feel for your DJ.

Then, once you book with us, your chosen DJ will contact you to schedule a more in-depth consultation. This is the time for you and your fiancé to sit down, meet your DJ face to face, and tell him or her exactly what you have in mind for your wedding day! Together we go line by line through your wedding timeline and cover anything and everything you have planned. We want you to be aware of all your options and might even introduce some ideas that you haven’t yet thought of. We’ve done this enough times that we have a general idea of what works well!

During your consultation we will discuss your itinerary, logistics, options, music, protocol, etc. We will use our expertise to help plan, answer questions, and chat about any of your concerns to make your dream wedding a reality!