“best way to get your guests dancing!”

DJ Masen


Every good party has that one person who’s the instigator…always dancing and getting everyone involved.  Ever since he was old enough to shake his booty, Masen has been that guy.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s dances, parties, weddings, elevators, that car thumping at a stop light, background music played on the phone, or those little speakers in the ceiling at the mall. If there is music…Masen is dancing… and his energy is contagious.

Don’t let his youthful good looks fool you, having recently graduated with an Honors Physics Degree from the U, he is another of the braniacs here at Laughing Gravy who can apply their GREAT BIG CEREBELLUMS to making your event successful. Music is Masen’s passion; he has played the piano since he stopped eating strained peas and has become a truly exceptional pianist.  He has the innate ability to play any song he hears by ear.

Masen has been surrounded by the entertainment industry his entire life and has DJ/emceed for events of all different types.  In the office, he is affectionately known as “the Lawyer” because he can be very businesslike, analytical, and methodical in consults and over the phone. This thoroughness and attention to detail ensures that any event he does will be nothing short of perfect. Whether it’s weddings, parties, corporate events or dance parties, Masen has the professionalism and expertise to make it a success. On the day of the event, relax and enjoy, because you have the true party machine and entertainer that is Masen!