“a heart of gold!”

DJ Janell

th a flawless sense of rhythm from a very young age, DJ Janell’s talents have extensive range! She brings experience in dance from cheer to hip-hop, time spent on the piano, and a decorated vocal career — truly, her knack in all things music is unmatched. Adding to the list of brainiacs on our Laughing Gravy team, Janell is attending the University of Utah’s Honor College as a Recreational Therapy major, minoring in Disability Studies, and pursuing a slew of additional certifications. She is also fluent in Spanish and can rock your gig with Latin hits! 

Immediately recognizable for her ability to light up a room with her bright eyes and killer personality, it’s instant fireworks when she touches a set. From the melodramatics of romantic ballads, to the cool waves of R&B and the chest-thumping ballistics of hip-hop’s best – range is all this girl’s got. And being as perceptive as she is vivacious, she’s guaranteed to sink the right hit every time.  

Even though any client of hers would tell you she has a golden touch on the DJ controller, they  most likely will lead their rave review of Janell with her heart of gold. Her brilliant smile and depth of passion for people makes everyone feel like they are the only person in the room who matters. So whether it’s a corporate event, house party, or wedding — if you want to have a DJ who is invested in you and yours- the answer is DJ Janell!